TODAY IS THE DAY is a visionary foundation. Its goal is to reveal consciousness as the starting point of every person’s awareness. Through its activities, it will channel that awareness into asking questions and building solutions. Those solutions will reveal a new underlying system of personal and collective thoughts and actions, which will gradually transform the existing contaminated system currently damaging the goodness of life everywhere.

The new system will arise through compassion and friendliness without causing disturbance. The current system will become purified and transformed into a new system rooted in consciousness. The transformation will be channeled through personal awareness, thoughts and actions into a new collective way of life capable of nourishing health and happiness. This will happen spontaneously as the contamination vacates its spaces. The transformed system will sustain the goodness of life instead of stifling life as it does currently. To install the clarity of awareness capable of stimulating this transformation, it is necessary to
grasp the true nature of the existing contaminated system. The Foundation will achieve that clarity through lectures in an open terakoya style, first to those who already question society’s present state. The next step will be to hold exhibitions around Japan and the world for people who have awakened to consciousness. The exhibitions will use the emotional intelligence and flows inherent to art. They will also include experiential workshops. The third step will be to establish communities functioning as practical systems rooted in consciousness. These communities may be dots at first, but networks shall tie the dots together to form line, and ultimately planes. This process will cause a great transformation in society.

The Foundation’s purpose is to create an ontological vision that transcends the structures and workings of the existing system and put it into practice. It is in art’s nature to explore the existence and function of free will, and to fundamentally transcend contrivance to construct a social model that allows human existence to stand on its own.

For hundreds of years, we have lain asleep; our consciousness untapped. But the March 11th tragedy and the uncontrollable and ongoing nuclear disaster have pried open the door. It has also exposed the essential nature of modern society and hierarchy of control. We are now at the edge of a great transformation in consciousness because we are starting to question the very value of human existence and its meaning.

It is the artist’s calling to provide a vision in which we can share this revival of the life-enhancing dynamism of consciousness. By artist, I mean one who thinks that his talent is held in trust for the people and recognizes his responsibility towards them, not a craftsman who wishes only to excel in his skills.

By Noritoshi Hirakawa