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TODAY IS THE DAY FOUNDATION Exhibition w. 70 Years Memorial of Atomic Bombs in Hiroshima

  • Miyauchi Art Foundation Hatsukaitchi City, Hiroshima Japan (map)

"We are about to face the time of proving that art is going to benefit us positively and to the fullest within the

future and society of human-beings in the global perspectives. Gathering artists from all over the world who are living with the heart of creation by linking with society, going to propose the appearing visions to the world that consist of statements of sharing its consciousness through TODAY IS THE DAY exhibition at Art Gallery Miyauchi - Miyauchi Art Foundation, Hatsukaichi-shi, Hiroshima this year. What we are experiencing since 2011 as big swells of consciousness, it must be an inevitable process for revealing own way of existence and creating the templates for our mankind’s future by fundamentally flipping over the value system of Modern Society. These changes of attitudes were generated in a quite short period of time. Also indicating the new ground of existence is a significance of the large presence of living artist as the creator. The era of relative that has been accumulating as the history of Modern Society is terminating. Without revealing various phenomena that beyond the comprehension, it is getting harder to understand the meaning of existence. It is now to acknowledge that we are living ourselves along the absolute reality as inevitable over the relative as a guide of essential presence that perceive from oblivion. Already we hold in our consciousness what we are going to create as the template and it is just good as presenting it purely without fears. TODAY IS THE DAY exhibition will foresee our essence of existence for the great coming future as the vision of humans beyond the framework of contemporary art."

Curator: Noritoshi Hirakawa, David Ross